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More than a School... an experience!

El Nopal is a school that offers Spanish classes for foreigners in a vacation atmosphere full of excitement and adventure.
Our services guarantee that our students will learn Spanish in a practical and fun way in each of our classes and packages.
El Nopal, is located in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico one of the safest cities in the western hemisphere and brimming with cultural and environmental
wonders for our students to enjoy.
In addition, our programs can be tailored to include cultural activities, Mexican cooking classes, visits to the local markets, outdoor sports, excursions, and volunteer work with local non profit organizations.  We offer students the opportunity to do a homestay with local Mexican families to help them further practice their language skills and gain cultural insights.
Our programs include a comprehensive study of Spanish grammar and vocabulary within the contexts of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  We also focus on gaining cultural compentency for various Latin American countries. 
We, as well, offer assistance for people who prefer to stay at Bed and Breakfast facilities, hotels or rent an apartment. See our recomendation list.
Thanks to the international experience of the teachers and staff that make up our school, we know the importance of values such as starting on time, professionalism and formality. All this, combined with the good sense of humor that runs through our veins, make El Nopal a unique school.
Our goal is clear- provide our students with all the means to have a wonderful teaching and cultural experience !

Our Staff

Our teachers are certified and fully qualified to teach Spanish to foreigners, having studied and worked in Mexico and various countries
abroad, including Spain, Germany, USA, Guatemala, Peru, among others.
Unfortunately we cannot write all the features of our teachers, so that is why we only chose 3: Friendly, fun, and professional!